Online Conversion Rate Optimization: 3 Tips for Targeting the Right Website Pages

So you want to improve online conversion rate. As a B2B lead gen marketer, where should you start? Below are some methods that landing page optimization gurus recommend to identify pages on your website that are prime targets for optimization.

1)      Identify mission-critical pages

Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization, says that mission critical pages are pages that if removed from your website would have an immediate impact on business. These likely include: the home page, main product pages, form pages, and the top organic search pages on your site. Identify these pages and you’ll have a starting point for optimizing your website.

2)      Learn which mission critical pages have a high bounce rate

A common bounce rate is 30 – 60% according to Avinash Kushik. Check your mission critical pages to know which ones have a bounce rate above your site’s average. Use Google Analytics to pull a report of top visited pages and their bounce rate.

In Google Analytics, navigate to Content > Site Content > All Pages. The default report shows bounce rate, along with pageviews. To specifically check bounce rate of top organic search pages, select “Advanced Segments” and check the “Non-paid Search Traffic” box. Click “Apply”.

3)      Look end-to-end when considering conversion rate

Which of your mission critical pages contribute the most qualified leads? The most customers?  These pages are your most powerful online conversion tools. They should be the first pages you consider for online conversion optimization techniques.

For each mission-critical page, simply calculate the following:

# Qualified Leads That Came From Page / # Unique Visitors To Page

# Customers That Came From Page / # Unique Visitors To Page


What tips do you have for identifying high-priority web pages for conversion optimization efforts?

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